Weather data is simple. Made for developers and by developers.

You don’t need to search and decode weather data. Our software engineers know how to handle different formats and files, and how to create easy-to-integrate interfaces.

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About API

Start using weather and climate data with our API. We have any kind of data you need. Integrate it with any system or application.
Are you looking for something special? Just contact us and we will do our best to satisfy your needs.

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Available data


  1. Real-time weather
  2. Nowcasting
  3. Weekly forecast
  4. Monthly forecast
  5. Weather alerts
  6. Weather observations


  1. Climate forecast
  2. Historic climate
  3. Customizable maps
  4. Radar products
  5. Weather station connection

Analytics and data

  1. Weather analytics
  2. Marine data
  3. Health data
  4. Pollen
  5. Air pollution
  6. Custom simulations
  7. Satellite pictures



$0 / month

  1. Current weather
  2. 10-day weather forecast
  3. 500 calls/day
  4. 1 call/sec
  5. Three months of trial access
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$800 / month

  1. Current weather
  2. 10-day weather forecast
  3. 2-hour forecast with 10-minute resolution for custom regions
  4. Weather alerts
  5. Averaged climate data
  6. 50 calls/sec
  7. 1,500,000 calls/month
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Contact us for your price

  1. Flexible pricing starting at 10$
  2. Construct your data products and calls
  3. Additional data on demand
  4. Long-term forecasts: several months or a year
  5. Climate analysis and forecast
  6. Maps and tiles
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